"Process 13" - Casey Reas - code

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Hi guys,

I am pretty new in Processing but I saw this great generative art video created by Casey Reas and was wondering how to write a similar code. This is the link for the video. In the description of the video there are written some explanations of how the forms are generated.

Can anyone figure out the code for this thing?




  • there's a brief explanation of the Elements and Processes in the video after that one, which shows the circles moving.


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    Hey koogs and thanks for your quick response. I watched that video and I understand the concept but what I'm looking for is the actual code.

  • It's easy enough to write, once you're given the explanation.

  • Can anyone figure out the code for this thing?

    @paduraru -- have you tried contacting Casey Reas and asking if he would be willing to share the code with you? If he is not making the original code publicly available then you may need to recreate something similar based on formal descriptions of that work -- as laid out in the videos you have already reviewed.

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