We need a Processing programmer

Hello to all Processing-programmers,

we are two Design students currently absolving our 2nd semester in our Master. For our class we are creating a game, and for that we need some help. But first, why should you help us? There´s no budget at first, but we offer a lot of opportunities.

• The game is about data integrity (including actual NSA surveillance). So it will be a good project for your portfolio • We will try to sell the game in march 2014. We do have some potential partners, including the German court for information security. They do have a website for kidz about data security (http://www.hanisauland.de/lexikon/d/datenschutz.html). If there will be a cooperation you will be rewarded. • We know the right people and we do have the opportunity to present our work during a big conference. There will be a lot people with a lot of money, so we hope we will find some business partners there. • We do have a professional speaker and recording studio already. I hope that gives you the sense that we are really serious about the project. • At any point we are going to earn with the game you will be rewarded for your work. We can create an agreement about that (same thing was done with the voice actors).

Okay, something about the game and what we already have: • Target group 9 - 16 year old kids. • Point and Click Adventure • We do have a have created a concept already • We do have created a working prototype already that constist the startscreen, the playable world, the characters, 3 out of 7 houses to visit and several other stuff including a load of infographics for motions graphics we are creating at the moment.

Game-Screenshots: Screenshot 1: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6617922/game_1.JPG Screenshot 2: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6617922/game_2.JPG Screenshot 3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6617922/game_3.JPG Motion-Graphic - work in progress: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6617922/game_4.JPG

The game will play in a small town (already finished a parallex scrollable town) where you can enter different houses. There you can explore different events, like the computer, mobile phone. A short animation will teach the user about all the problems going on. After the animation sometimes there will be a small game checking if the user did understand everything. For completing the tasks the user will get stars. Then more stars then more locations are unlocked to play... and so on. At the end the user is able to print his "information data license".

What we need you for! I am an amateur with processing. So i need plenty of time to produce messy code thats barely working. But i want to concentrate on the animations, the concept and the voice actors from now on. We need some expert helping us with the programming-part.

So if you want to create a really cool project together, something that will look good in your portfolio get in contact with us! You can mail us at design[at]angelmahr.de or just response here.

We are really looking to a nice cooperation. Best regards, Markus

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