Event handling in jsMode - registerMethod() and mouse handling.

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Can anyone suggest current good practice for handling mouse events in javascript mode?

I can't use mousePressed(), mouseDragged() etc. because I need to handle mouse events in separate classes and don't want them to require explicit coding in the mouse methods of the main sketch.

I had hoped that the new Processing 2 registerMethod() approach would be the way to go, as this has been designed to be platform neutral. But unfortunately, it does not appear to be implemented in Processing.js yet.

I guess I could add some javascript to the HTML that wraps a built Processing.js applet, but I'd much rather a solution that works directly from the Processing IDE in Javascript mode.

Any thoughts?


  • AFAIK, Processing.js v1.4.1 is still very much Processing v1.5.1! @-)
    And I remember the way to register events between v1 & v2 are completely different! #-o
    So I suggest trying to run your code using the old P1.5.1 and see how it goes there! :-\"

  • Unfortunately that's not really an option. Apart from me needing to support Processing 2.x, the old 1.5.x mouse event handling used java.awt.event classes so was also not compatible with Javascript.

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