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I am a beginner and am a bit confused about what "mode" is. Does it mean that, for example, in Python mode, I can use Processing libraries, coding in Python, or is it the opposite, meaning that I can use Python libraries using the Processing environment? Is it just for the convenience of coders, meaning that an already seasoned Python coder would find easier to code in this language (I gues it is not "just for the convenience") ?
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    Is it just for the convenience of coders,

    Yes! Python Mode is based on Jython. Like all the other JVM programming languages, it's just a different syntax + Java libraries. ~O)

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    @mmammana -- While I haven't experimented much with Python mode myself, I believe that Jython can also use Python libraries as long as they do not have C dependencies. So many Python libraries will work, but not all, and a few have special Jython-specific distributions.

    If you are a Python developer there is are Jython setuptool / easyinstall / ensurepip processes. I'm not sure if Python libraries that are installed in this way are easy to integrate into Processing Python Mode out-of-the-box or not, but they work with Jython, which it is based on.

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