Im trying to make a arc rotate at a fixed point in the center around my mouse. pls help?

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My code is pretty bad so it would be pointless to post it. Thx for your help.



  • Hello

    Try this

    float value = 0;
    void setup()
     size(1000, 600);
    void draw() {
    void keyPressed() {
      if(value >=6.28){
        arc(mouseX, mouseY, 80, 80, 0, value,PIE);
  • Can you be more specific? To draw an arc, you need a bunch of parameters-

    • Firstly, what do you want as the centre of the arc? It seems like you want is the the mouse position.
    • Secondly, what angle should is sweep? You haven't specified it.
    • Lastly, what should its size be? Is seems like you want a circular arc with radius same as distance b/w centre of screen and mouse position.
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