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Is there a mode template somewhere or guidelines on how to create a mode. I would like to create a Scala mode, since there is no official one, I think it would be nice...



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    I have tried to code in scala before and failed then I tried something simpler if you know how processing .java files looked I simply copied it I do not know about a scala mode but below works for me PS: this was done in eclipse much easier to add libraries

    package test1
    import processing.core._
     class MainApp extends PApplet {
        override def setup() {
        override def draw() {
    object test2{
     def main(args: Array[String]){ 
  • There was a Scala for Processing project, using sbt, at some point. Not sure if it is still living.

    About mode template: have you searched the wiki (or the whole site, for what it is worth)?
    It is also always educational to see how other modes are made, you can extract a skeleton out of them. AFAIK, most of them, if not all, are open source.

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    So how do you make a mode? I've searched the internet high and low and there is no information. On the wiki there is how to create a library and how to create a tool but no how to create a mode. I really want to create a mode :/

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