A problem when trying to export application

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Hello everybody,

I am having trouble when I am trying to export my sketch. When I click on the "export application" button, a dialog pops up and I leave all options checked (except for for full screen). After that, a window pops up with a number of files in it, I clicked them all but non of them open except for one .pde file which only opens in the Processing window it self. What is going on? where is my program that I wrote?

Thanks in advance :)

I am using: Processing 2.1 Windows 7 - 64


  • nobody knows? I did a lot of search and didn't find any answer as well. I am going to switch to another language I guess :(

    Thanks anyway

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    I haven't installed latest v2.1 yet! Still using v2.0.2! [-(
    I've heard about lotsa peeps complaining about this newest version every single day!

    You've mentioned that you've searched a lot and I wonder how you could possibly
    haven't run into those kinda export bug complaints yet! 8-X

    I advise you to install v2.0.3 for the time being until next version.
    Or if all else fails, ye olde faithful v1.5.1!!! <):)

  • Thanks alot mate. I will do that

  • There are already several threads about this problem of export in Processing 2.1...

  • I just hope they can fix the issue before the end of January

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