Creating object files externally

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Does anybody have experience creating 3D objects using external libraries and then loading them in processing using loadShape() or any other library? I am more interested to know about obj files. I have interests on obj files as it is my impression that svg files seem to follow a standard format. However, for obj files, is there a specific format that processing manages?

Also, is it possible for processing to create obj files? What external libraries could open thesefiles? I am more interested to have a general idea of what people know and what is available. Related to obj files, I saw a recent posting working with the STL files and it was very impressive:

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  • I tried researching about obj objects once, but what I realised is that of all the libraries I tried, none of them could properly export .obj files with textures.
    However, all were successful for .obj files without textures or colours and one worked even with colours.
    I recommend that you create your .obj files in some external program, then load it into Processing using loadShape.
    loadShape() should be able to work even with material properties and textures.

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