processing connecting to a webcam or a beamer

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Hi, I am pretty new to processing and just started to a group project to make a light sensing thing for children who are scared to the dark, which could turn on a attractive fun video on a wall or a celling throughout their room after sensing the dark.

I would bring arduino code to processing to sense the light value but then, I have no idea how to project the video after sensing the light value? any ideas?

thank you!



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    Have you tried the video examples that comes with the library? I have to ask, have you run processing code before? The examples are always a good way to start.

    Also having a quick look at the reference:

    For video and webcam:

    To project the video, you could use a video projector if you own one. If you are running processing using a laptop, you can stream video through the secondary video port in the light projector. Then anything you would see in the screen will be projected into the wall or the ceiling. Is that the idea you have in mind?


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