Class Wmi in Java

Hi, I would like to use WMI library built for java but I don't understand how to recognize the getWMIValue method. In eclipse i have load the jWMI but I get an error. This is the example code:

String name = getWMIValue("Select Name from Win32_ComputerSystem", "Name");

I am still inexperienced in java but if someone can helpme I would be grateful.



  • Some background for people who don't know what wmi is:

  • but I get an error.

    What, really, is the point of saying you get an error but not saying what the error is? Are we meant to guess?

  • You're right. I used just one web page. I imported the folder that contains the jmic class but do not understand how to properly execute the command line.

  • The error code is: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: The method getWMIValue(String, String) is undefined for the type test

  • And how are you calling it?

  • I have imported the folder classe in project-build path-configure build path. Then I have wrote in the code import jwmi.* Is It correct?

  • no idea.

    normally you'd need to call a method on a class, ie str.toUpperCase();

    your example

    String name = getWMIValue("Select Name from Win32_ComputerSystem", "Name");

    doesn't do that. it's possible that that's a static method. normally you'd call this using a class name - String.format(...). and you can drop the String if you use a static import. but i have no idea how he coded it...

    ok, the source says:
    package com.citumpe.ctpTools;

    and the file:
    public class jWMI

    and the method is: public static String getWMIValue(String wmiQueryStr, String wmiCommaSeparatedFieldName) throws Exception

    so try
    import static com.citumpe.ctpTools.jWMI.*;

    or use jWMI.getWMIValue("Select Name from Win32_ComputerSystem", "Name");

  • that's based on the code from here:

    if you are using a different library then it'll be different.

  • (again, you don't say what library you are using. you say you have an error but don't say what it is, you say you are using a library but don't say exactly what it is or where it's from. you are vague about your code. you don't exactly make it easy for us to help...)

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