Two differents projectors for the same Scene with Processing 3

I'd like to display my scene on two different projector. I want to split my scene in two by drawing the left side on the left projector and the right part on the right projector to get a bigger display surface.

On processing 2 this solution is working:

But it does not compile on Processing 3. Does anyone has any idea?


  • What compiler error do you get?

  • edited November 2016

    This is the code that produces the error ``` import javax.swing.JFrame;


    public class PFrame extends JFrame { public PFrame() { setBounds(0,0,300,300); Second s = new Second(); add(s); s.init(); show(); } } ```

    I have the following error for add(s); The function "add()" expects parameters like: "add(Component)" and for s.init(); The function "init()" does not exist

    This code compiles with Processing 2 but not with Processing 3.

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