The display window doesn't appear!! (?)

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Hi, everyone. I'm new to Processing so, as usual, I am having troubles with the installation and correct use of the IDE. So far, I've been reading some examples and write them down in the code window. But, when I press Run, it doesn't happen a thing! There's no display window! I'd be so glad if some of you could explain to me what do I have to do. I am not an expert programmer. I use MacOs 10.6.8, so I downloaded Processing 2.0.3 and moved it to mi Applications folder, and still nothing...

Thank you very much!


  • If you start Processing, leave the code window empty and click the run button does a small window appear next to the IDE?

    If yes then you were probably making some mistakes when typing in the code. If no then I would try reinstalling Processing.

  • Hum it doesn't show up, and I have installed Processing like 3 times trying to make it work. But thanks!

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    Perhaps you should install Processing in a non-system folder? :ar!
    Also, check whether the previous stable version may work -> Processing v1.5.1.

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