Is there a way to make a Kinect do motion tracking with dancers with particle delay?

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For a school project my theater and dance classes want me to create a dance projection wall. I have been able to find essentially no information regarding the subject and was hoping you all on the forums might be able to help. If there is any guidance you can give it would be helpful.



  • More details! Do you have a kinetic unit working? What do you mean with "particle delay"? It sounds like a cool idea. You should pursue it!


  • Hi. I've been working on a project to use Kinect v2 + Processing3 and some other stuff for dancing + [projections/sound/light] control ( MS Kinect v2 skeleton is still hard to use for interactive dance, because it looses the skeleton tracking quite easily, and takes some time to restore the tracking, but depending on your ideas, it might work even with "simpler" stuff, such as blobs from an ordinary camera.

    Getting more info about your problem would make it easier to help you.

    BTW, Processing has libraries to deal with MS Kinect (if this is the device you are planning to use), and a lot of sketches which implement particles systems.

    PS.: Sorry, this answer was on my drafts for months. I thought I had already posted it.

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