in p5.js, WEBGL never ever stops "loading..." for me -- why?


I've translated some of my Processing code into p5.js with wonderful success, but with just one exception: WEBGL (which I need for the part of my code which produces 3D objects -- I used P3D for that when using the regular Processing). Even the 3D primitives examples (that use WEBGL) on the p5.js reference pages do not ever load for me -- they just always stay "loading..." forever -- as can be seen in the attached screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 2.02.15 PM

Restarting Safari on my MacBook (I recently upgraded to Safari 10.0) does not help this problem, even completely rebooting my MacBook does not help. And the really odd thing is that when I try the 3D primitives examples on the p5.js reference pages on my office desktop -- a PC (not a Mac) on either IE 11.0 or Firefox 43.0.1, I get the same exact problem.

I have searched through this forum and googled this problem to no effect -- maybe I'm just being blind and missing something? My apologies for the trouble if so!!!

Thanks very much in advance, Justin


  • Thanks! -- that open bug report appears pretty fundamental (as it appears at least to me that a lot more than just a single text example is broken -- it's all of WEBGL in p5.js, at least for me). Might you happen to know if there are any prospects for when it might be fixed?

  • Until you mention it I didn't know about it. Better off leave a comment there.

  • OK thanks! -- I've added a comment at that Github bug report page.

  • There's currently a bug in Webgl mode in p5.js (0.5.3). It should be fixed in the source code and will be available to the public once the next release (0.5.4) is out.

    In the meantime, you can consider using older version of p5.js (0.5.2 or 0.5.1) if you need the functionality now. I don't know when then next release will be but do file a bug report on github if the problem persist with the release of 0.5.4.

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