Applet Maker for Processing 2 - Unable to install :-(

I am trying to add Applet Maker for Processing 2 to processing - I get "1.2 not compatible" massage Is it a problem on my machine?


  • Applet Maker V1.2 is only available for Processing V2.2.1 - it is not compatible with Processing V3

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    Will I be able to run g4p app on V2.2.1 ? - If yes - the zip for win 64 is under Stable Releases - Thank you.

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    The last version of G4P compatible with Processing 2.2.1 is V3.5.4 which can be installed via the Library Manager.

    1) Applet Maker will not be updated for Processing 3
    2) All my other libraries and tools are avialable for both PS2 and PS3 simply use the Library / Contributions Manager with the appropriate version of PS.
    3) I am not updating any of my libraries for Processing 2

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    g4p app does not work on V2.2.1 :-( The Error is "ClassNotFoundExecption: processing.awt.PGraphicsJava2D"

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    You are using the wrong version of G4P for Processing 2.2.1

  • I downloaded processing 2.2.1 -> run it -> opened tools->add Tool removed & reinstall few times... If you can easily get the link to the correct version & instructions that works - it would be nice. Thank you.

  • If you intend to have both PS2 and PS3 installed on your machine at the same time make sure that they are using different sketch folders. If you don't then the different Processing / Tool / Library versions are all going to conflict.

    I have both installed on my machine, each having there own sketch folder and the Library / Contributions Manager installs the appropriate versions of G4P, GUI Builder and Applet maker which all work as expected.

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