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I'm currently taking the Joshua Davis tutorials from GumRoad. So much fun recommend them to everyone. I'm currently running into issues with my HCanvas class. I can't seam to run any sketch (neither my code from scratch or examples from hype) with the HCanvas class in it. If I go through and comment out the elements with HCanvas it runs but once I try to add them it just gives me a spinning wheel that never finishes.

Has anyone run into issues like this? Is it possible they have update the Hype Framework and I'm juts using old classes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    If you provide a small sample code describing the problem and relevant links to the tutorials I believe people will be able to contribute to your issue.


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    Brendan, I haven't used them myself, but aren't the Joshua Davis tutorials paid content? You might try asking him for support directly -- especially if you are a customer.

    It is also possible that those tutorials are Processing 2 compatible, and that if you are trying to run them in Processing 3 you are experiencing syntax problems.

    Whether from this forum or him, a concrete short example of code and description of the problem will certainly help people help you.

    [Edit] Processing 2.2.1 is available from the processing.org download page

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    Brendan - I too just bought this class from GumRoad and unfortunately it is outdated. This class is for Processing 2 and the old HYPE framework. HYPE is now changed to work with Processing 3. But you have to load the framework as a library now and use an include statement as you would with other Java libraries. See this thread about halfway down to see an example of how to get it to work: https://github.com/hype/HYPE_Processing/issues/92 Our challenge now is to figure out the new syntax and somehow get it to correspond to the course videos. Loading Processing 2.2.1 to finish the course seems pointless to me as going forward this knowledge won't be very useful.

  • Brendan - another thought: visit the HYPE webpage to see code examples and learn that way. http://www.hypeframework.org/

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