Sketch size larger than current display

I need to have my sketch stretch over one and a half screens. Main output is on screen one and a control section on the overlap to screen 2. I need to keep the rest of screen two available for dealing with other windows.

I need to be able to work on this while only having one monitor (travelling, cant take a second monitor). Is there a way to set the width to 1920+500(control bar width). As it is now the sketch gets resized to 1920 width whenever i exceed 1920.

Perhaps there is a way to deactivated the auto-resize?

Thanks in advance o/



  • What operating system / version are you on, and what specific version of Processing?

    On OS X 10.10.5 / Processing 3.2.1, when I run this sketch:

    void setup(){ size(2400,200); }
    void draw() { background(0);  }
 correctly generates a 2400px wide sketch window that is wider than my screen. The window spawns against the left edge of my screen, and overflows off the right side. I can confirm by dragging the window around.

  • I often see a message telling me that the sketch had been resized to fit my screen. Might be renderer specific but it's never what i want 8) (Linux)

  • void setup(){size(2000,200);}
    void draw(){println(width);}

    Prints 2000 but my window has been scaled to fit my resolution

    3.2.1 Windows10

  • I can create a Processing window that's wider than my displays (even larger than my dual monitor setup) just fine.

    I'm on Windows 10 using Processing 3.1.1.

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    ok, more precisely, i'm on 3.0b7, linux mint 17

    size(1500, 800);

    ^ window as big as i like (1366x768 is the default)

    size(1500, 800, P3D); // or P2D

    ^ gives me "The sketch has been automatically resized to fit the screen resolution"

    doesn't happen in 3.1.1 (but 3.1.1 has other problems that means i prefer 3.0)

  • The error message that koogs gives is OpenGL-specific (e.g. P2D / P3D).

    When I search the Processing source for the error message "The sketch has been automatically resized to fit the screen resolution" -- it only appears in the OpenGL code, in on line 863.

    That said, I'm not getting that behavior on my system (OS X 10.10.5 / Processing 3.2.1). When I run this sketch:

    void setup(){ size(2400,200, P3D); }
    void draw() { background(0); box(40); }

    ...I don't get that error message appearing in my console -- it just gives me a 3D render inside a 2400px wide window (which is wider than my screen).

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