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Hello, I will have to make a small worldmap dataviz. So in my raw data there are name of countries, and name of towns. What are the known solutions to deal with geographic coordinate ? thank you


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    Have a look at unfoldingmaps lib. As for right now, unfoldingmaps only works for processing v2. If you follow this link

    you could contact the author to inquire for a beta release that works with processing 3. More about the lib at:

    Maybe the library also has its own way to deal with geocoordinates.


  • okay, thank you,
    I find this also :

    I will see.

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    @mxloizix Thanks for sharing. Do you mind sharing a sample code? I would be reviewing your link as time permit.


  • hmm, in fact I did a sample with google chart API, which I find is more easier, and that do what I want. so currently I have no processing code to share.
    if it change I will post it.

  • Did you install the unfolding maps lib? I believe one of the examples does the marker placement over cities on a worldmap. What do you mean with

    What are the known solutions to deal with geographic coordinate?

    With unfolding maps you can add your own markers from geo locations. Is that what you are looking for?


  • no I havent intalled nothing.
    i was looking at first for a matching between name of countries and the boundaries of countries in the worldmap... I find the solution with google chart.
    then I was looking for a matching between geo location and the worldmap.. but I did not explore this way...
    if I use unfolding map I will write here

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