Multiple USB Cameras, USB Hubs and USB ports

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Long story short - I use processing for performance art. I use USB microscopes and use the code to display multiple live feeds on what the scopes show. I am now getting to the point when I have scopes with the same device name and I have more scopes than there are USB ports.

I am having trouble with using a USB Hub (also with an extra power source) to display more live feeds. Does processing have a problem with USB hubs or is it just a tech issue?

Also because some of my microscopes have the identical device name, I cant select the specific device by (this, w, h, "name", fps); as processing will only select one of the cameras to display and now both. I wondered whether I can write some code to select devices by addressing the specific USB ports on my laptop. Or is there some way I can hack the device to change it's name?_(I have got my code to print list all available cameras, but because im using so many and they list all the appropriate resolutions of camera size, ive got over 100 values to count through! (Not ideal))

Apologies, lots of questions but I have a performance soon and need to get my code sorted! Many thanks,


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