iOS port using Intel Multi-OS Engine

Intel has open-sourced their Multi-OS Engine, which allows iOS apps to be written using Java.

I've been investigating the possibility of porting Processing to iOS using MOE for a project. The port looks very promising, but would require a lot of work. Hence, the project is likely going to using something else due to time constraints, but I'd like to pursue the iOS port in my own time.

Just curious if anyone has attempted something similar and have any info to share?



  • No, never done anything like that, but I'm going to take a look! I guess one approach could be to export a java project from Processing, import that into Android Studio and go from there with the MOS plugin? i'll read up ...

  • Was looking at the documentation, probably not going to be that simple.

    What MOS did was basically create Java bindings for a bunch of iOS-specific elements, such as their GLKView. Hence, most of the processing rendering pipeline will need to be re-written to be compatible with it. :(

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