Applet and next version of java (7u51)

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Hi, I used successfully AppletMaker with the latest version of processing (2.1). A great work ! But I saw that with the next version of java (7u51 january 2014) , applet won't work if manifest attributes are not correct. What is it possible to do to avoid this problem ?

Thank you for your help. Fabrice


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    I created Applet Maker tool because the Export Applet menu option was removed from Processing V2 and I wanted a simple tool for signing applets.

    Applets are old technology and support for them will eventually be phased out completely.

    So if you find the tool doesn't work when Java 7u51 is released send me a PM. I will have a look and if it is not too much work I will update the tool. Although this be a low priority task compared to other projects I am working on.

  • Applets (and webstarts) definitely will no longer work after the next update of Java. They are disabling all self-signed applets and webstarts, so the only way to make them work is by paying for a certificate (which simply isn't an option for novices and hobbyists).

    I started a discusson on JGO about this:

    The trend seems to be towards packaged executables, which Processing already exports. It's a shame for regular Java developers, but I suppose it was an inevitable shame.

  • 1- Is CAcert a possible solution ? 2- The applet I made is only used in an intranet. It's not a public application. My clients know my applet.They do not have to be wary of my applet.

  • Why are applets disappearing?

  • fabwoj: if you want to buy a certificate, then they are still supported.

    mcspud: it's not that they're disappearing, it's that self-signed jars will no longer run as applets or webstart with the next update of Java. If you can afford a certificate, you can still deploy as an applet. That's not a solution for most people though.

  • An application which opens in a browser is a real advantage. One installation on a server is sufficient for an application to be reachable from any computer. It's a real big benefit. Security issues posed by applet are obvious. But why pay to protect from software that was built for his own use ? I can't believe that this will.

  • Thank you Kevin for your information. I stop believing immediately !

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    The default security slider is being updated in a way that will block RIAs that do not adhere to these requirements.

    It still rests the option for the user him/herself to choose Medium security for the slider within Java Control Panel! >:)

  • That's good if users can still choose to allow self-signed code. But it's still a big pain, considering most end-users don't know anything about Java, let alone how to change these settings.

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    Of course almost no-1 would go or find that place to change security level! :(|)
    It's just for devs who wanna visit htttp:// and still run JApplets there! <:-P

    Anyways, that is a shot at the foot for Oracle. I can't believe it's actually throwing away Java client apps!
    Imagine Adobe placing a similar security slide for running Flash content like YouTube!!! :O)
    Even though Google can use its own certificate to run Flash apps, but not independent devs! =P~

  • FYI I have just tested the AppletMaker tool with Java J7U51 on OSX Mavericks and it still works. :)

  • I assume that means it can still export applets, but can it do anything with the security issues?

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    Try this link to a self-signed Applet - it allowed me to open a file-selection-dialog to the local file system (OSX Mavericks)

  • I get an error saying "Application Blocked by Security Settings". It would work if I changed my security settings from the default, but that's going to be a non-starter for many users. Sigh...

  • Open source could be the only way forward in the future:-

  • Latest OpenJDK 7.51 can't run applets within a browser no matter how it's configured!!! ~X(

  • Same level of asinine comments from GoToLoop, watch the bloody video.

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