Help me Tekout this Night Club!

Hello Fellow Tech Geeks-

My name is Chris, I'm a Tech Entrepreneur trying to connect with other Tech Geeks and make us a Career out of a Hobby. I've been on my own for almost 3 years, and I'm at the stage where I either hire people and grow or stay small. Inspired by the idea of buying everything on my wish list and getting paid to play with it, I started "TekdOut Inc TekdOut will customize, mod, tweak, add to, re-purpose Technology for just about every Industry. I'm so busy that I have to turn most work down. I finally landed that "big break" and I waited until last minute to ask for help.

I NEED people as Tech Savvy as I am to help me make a 25 day deadline. I could do this myself on a long enough timeline, but I don't have time to learn anything new (such as Processing, or debugging Arduino scripts)

I'm 'Teking Out' a 5,000sf Night Club. I have a full funding and creative freedom to do the craziest, most mind blowing interactive led lighting schemes we can think up. The kicker is we're still in the construction phase, so we can build structures and walls for and around our designs.

I'm linking a DJ Mixer, a Midi Controller Keyboard, a Leap Motion Controller, a VJ Program & 2 Microsoft Kinects to 1000 Arduino Controlled LEDs, the existing stage effect lights, and 2 Projection Screens, and possibly an Interactive Dance Floor. I would love link it to some motors and get creative with that. For example, I want to put gears across the wall, attached to motors, lit by LED, casting moving shadows across the entire wall. I have a solid background in Electronics & Circuitry, Computer Networking, Music, Construction & Remodeling. I've been playing and programming Synthesizers since I was 12. My favorite hobby is Controllerism, which is coming up with creative new ways to play your Synthesizer.

I need to help writing programming for 'Processing' get its Scripts up and running reliably, Program 4-5 DMX Controlled Arduino Boards for around 1000 Color Changing LEDs, and build 2 Arduino Controlled Automatic Stairway Lighting systems in 25 days.

Shortly after this job is completed I'll have funding for future projects, which include Augmented Reality, Drones & Robotics and Self Driving Car Technology.

I need help with the Following:

INTERACTIVE PROJECTION SCREEN Using a Kinect & Processing, the owner specifically wants 'Flow' I would have it working but I'm stuck on simple issues in Processing that is holding up my time. I've never used Processing, and don't have time to learn.

BACKLIT GLASS BLOCK Using an Arduino with DMX Control Shield to control RGB Leds.
(Video Example)


There's Plenty of Opportunity here and so much potential. This Club is going to be very high profile. The owner is well connected and has a careers worth of major connections in the industry. I'm being told this club will be in the news, online, in magazines, etc. Every Friday & Saturday will be 'Teen Nights' so I will be using what they see it to Inspire the younger generation and bring attention to Open Source Technology. We will be working with non profit maker spaces to teach classes and do workshops to teach people how to build what they see. I believe Open Source Hardware will accelerate the Advancement of Technology

If you or somebody you may know is interested in helping, you will be in the project credits, and you will be compensated, and this could turn into decent paying job for you. We would be using TeamViewer & Skype regularly, Google Keep, Drive & Docs to Collaborate.

PS, sorry if its inappropriate to post this here. If it is, let me know and i'll take it down. Please excuse my grammar & punctuation. I wrote & edited most of this using voice commands while driving.




  • I can help you out with processing scripting you needed. Can do Arduino but very basic. Do you wanna know more about me -

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