Ketai into eclipse

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Does anybody know if I can use the ketai lib in eclipse? Or how do you manage gesture in Eclipse or the Android SDK?




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    @kfrager:: what is the interest to use ketai in eclipse??? - in order to manage gesture you have the motionEvent class...

  • @akenaton I have some source code I have been using in processing that uses the ketai lib and I am thinking in doing some work in the near future in eclipse. I like the ketai lib bc it was straight fwd. In fact, that is how I got hooked into Android :)>- I was referring to gestures, however ketai has some other neat stuff like P2P and camera,video and sensors. For the motion Event class, would that run similar to ketai or the implementation and usage is a bit different? I will look into this in the meantime. Btw, thxs for answering my question.

  • Is it possible to import ketai lib to Eclipse Android project, then use ketai sensor classes in Eclipse like other Android classes? yes ketai sensor classes are straightforward.

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