How can I improve the quality of the IDE font

Hi. I used processing for a while in linux mint and worked great. Now I'm using it on manjaro (linux) and the IDE font is just horrible. I mean the one of the menus and floating windows, because the on ein the editor looks just fine. I'm attaching screenshots.

I can see options to change de editor font, but not the IDE font itself. Any suggestion?

Btw, my manjaro installation renders every other software just fine. Don't know why it's not the same for this IDE.


  • You can change font settings in preferences.txt, that should be somewhere in processing folder.

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    there are more settings in the file referenced in the photo, but i don't think that covers the menu / preferences font though.

    looks fine on my mint installation fwiw.

  • @Ater I found the file under ~/.processing/ However, it only defines the, no the IDE font itself.

    By the way, I found out that Processing 2 & 3 are using the very same preferences.txt file! Hope that will be fine. They use different sketchbooks anyway.

    @koogs Thanks for commenting. I can't see any other settings.

    I found txt files under lib, defining things like: header.text.font = processing.sans,plain,14

    However I changed that, launched processing and still have the issue.

    I'm not seeing same issue in other software by now (kdenlive, intelliJ, browsers, etc). So, if you have any clue, please let me know.

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