My task (animated text)

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Hi. At my university I received a task to make interactive animation of the text in processing, using three different letters and any font. I would be glad for possible sketches. there are no ideas

// it's my failure try:/

        PFont font;

        void setup () {
          size (600, 600);
          background (0);
          smooth (10);
          noStroke ();
          font=loadFont ("HelveticaNeue-BlackCond-48.vlw");
          textFont (font);
          stroke(250, 100);

        void draw () {
          text("G", pmouseX+30, pmouseY);
          text("M", pmouseX, pmouseY);
          text("F", pmouseX, pmouseY-30);
          fill(random(0, 255));


  • What exactly have you not managed to do?

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    What exactly have you not managed to do?

    It's must be more complex and graphically rich.nothing too difficult has to be too.

  • So what additional graphical complexity do you want to add?

  • It sounds like you're looking for someone to do your homework. There's nothing wrong asking for help but you should at least have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

  • Well, when you need ideas....:

    Just display the letters ....

    They could be moving slowly (bounce on the wall and from each other or so) or not

    As soon as you hover the mouse over one, it displays different behaviour like rotate, grow shrink blink Jump up and down, shiver explode outline pulse wobble wiggle

    Remove mouse it stops

  • Did you code work on your machine?

    I have to change loadFont with createFont("Arial",24); and it worked. I would suggest moving your fill call to the beginning of draw as it seems the random fill value is not saved for the next draw iteration. I find the letters are always drawn in white.

    As and idea, you could use the P3D mode and use the horizontal position of the mouse to bring the letters closer or further away from the screen using the z direction as depth. You can check the processing reference for alternative function call of text:

    Key values: text, map

    You could use map to translate the horizontal position into a Z - depth - value.

    I hope this helps,


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