Apply these old OpenCV based processing codes and libraries from old tutorials, on Processing +3.0 ?

Hi friends,

I am an artificial intelligence and robotics students. I worked on arduino for a long time and built many arduino controlled robots too and even demonstrated them in the university to our robotic researchers, asisstants, and robotic professors too ( and thy were impressed with my robotic works and projects ). I am totally new to processing but I felt that processing is important as arduino if you use arduino for your robotic projects. Thus, for the last 3 weeks, I am trying to apply these old opencv tutorials on processing ( and even visual studio and python ) and then apply them on arduino. Arduino part was easy to make the serial communication between arduino and processing ( and even on visual studio and python ). However, I tried every single example code and library that were sharing on these old tutorials on the internet. I only got a huge list of errors and I tried to fix very single errors too. Then I started to read forums and comments from websites/blogs. I learned that these old tutorials are not working with the lastest version of OpenCV (+3.0), processing +3.0 ( and even with visual studio 2015 or python +3.5 versions ). Within these three weeks I experienced from the first place that these old tutorial codes and wanted libraries are not working with new versions of opencv, processing ( visual stuido and python too ). Some of my errors were saying " this codes are only useable at 32bits ( not 64bits ) " and my laptop is 64bits too. Another error, opencv.capture(), opencv.allocate(), size() , you cannot use this method or class etc. I am getting errors non-stop :(.

I want to use processing +3.0 with opencv 3.1 version for face tracking to apply on it to arduino to use for my robot project. As I said before, these old processing opencv codes are not working on the new versions ( because getting tons of errors all the time ). Therefore, I want to ask that " When will the processing team make a working opencv ( +3.0 version ) and processing ( +3.0 version ) codes+libraries for processing opencv ? At least, please make it possible for us to use these old codes on the newest version of processing +3.0 versions too please, for opencv projects on processing like face tracking etc. Then we can apply these to our arduino for our robot projects.

Or is there anyone would show me how can I open and compile successfully these opencv examples ( I want face tracking examples mainly ) on the new version of processing please ? thank you very much.

I really look forward some helpful replies, than you again.


  • these old opencv tutorials
    these old tutorials on the internet.
    these old tutorials
    these old tutorial codes and wanted libraries
    codes are only useable at 32bits
    these old processing opencv codes
    these old codes
    these opencv examples

    and not a single link to 'these libraries'

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    I gonna give you some face tracking processing+opencv tutorials ( the example codes and their library download links are there ) and try to open them with opencv 3.1 and processing 3.0 .

    you can find more examples like that from internet. For example, opencv.capture() or opencv.allocate() and more like these kind of opencv related codes on the processing are giving lot's of error and different type or errors ( or you need 32bits to use these codes ). There are many errors which one you want me to show you :(

    If you use opencv +3.0 and processing +3.0 versions with 64 bits computer/laptop you are getting only errors with these old tutorials' examples while using the lastest updates of processing and opencv with 64 bits versions. I came here to seek some help. I hope that someone helps me which will help other people who are struggling with these now that you can see many ppl complain about this current issues about face tracking opencv processing :(.

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