Finite Image Generator

The Finite Image Generator is an experimental software that allows the user to iterate and explore the vast amount of all possible color combinations within a digital image. It claims that will eventually generate any and every possible image that can be seen through a given canvas. *Time is the only constraint.

Try out at:

It was implemented in processing.js and I would like to thank everyone in this forum that helped me by answering many of my questions.


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    Wow, impressive! =D> And it's made in Pjs too.
    And nice trick to use onclick() to call sketch's functions. :-bd
    It's pretty hard to tame Pjs to work w/ JS syntax. #:-S

  • thank you and thanks for all the help.

    Most of the html buttons are calling functions in processing and vice versa with processing calling javascript functions to change or update the html DOM. I explain how I end up doing it in this post:

    I've also put the whole project in github in case anyone wants to take a closer look.

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    In other words: this generator shows ALL POSSIBLE PICTURES!!! ^^ It is a INfinite image generator!

  • but i know how many pixels there are and how many colours each pixel can have. if i can work out how many there are then it can't be infinite (even if it is very large)

  • Number of possible images =(2^32)^n where ^ means to the power of and n is the number of pixels in the canvas.

  • you can change the number of pixels and the number of colours. but:

    "Colors require 3 values per pixel, so for the purpose of keeping this experiment simple, only tones of grey are used"

    so probably 255 rather then 2^32

    and the size is limited to 50x50

    read the 'about' page...

  • (actually, a quick look at the code suggested a limit of 50x50 but you can click it higher than that)

  • hmm... I am a bit confused about my conclusion! ^^ but, even though the icons has a size about 50x50 pixels it can be a picture of a banana or a picture of a minion or or or... there are infinity forms of a picture possible... do I have a bug in mind? ^^

  • the problem is your definition of 'infinite'

  • cool project : D

  • hey, thanks for all the comments. I haven't been back since I finished this. I guess I burnt out a little bit after 4-5 months working on it, so I wanted to take a break from it for a while.

    As to the comment above, it is indeed a finite generator, since it's always working with a finite pixels and color values. The most interesting part of the project for me, is exactly where you put the line in the definition between finite and infinite. And yes it can go beyond 50x50, it just gets a little slow, since I couldn't find a way to have an unfiltered image when I scale it up.

    Funny enough, right after I finish it, I came across an artist you put something similar together 20 years ago! ts ts ts... I should do more research next time. =]

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