Hermes compatibility

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Hi I programing a game and I discovered the framework Hermes. First I have never used a Framework so I'd like to know if i need to know some things about the code or anything and also if i can freely use it for my project. Then when I tryed to launch some of the examples from the folder, I have a compilation error which says that some of the function doesn't work.

Thanks for helping :)




    Last updated in 2014. If the examples aren't working, chances are good that the library is out of date. You might be able to fix it via the library's source code, but that could be a lot of work.

    Unless your game is super crazy complicated (unlikely), you might not need a framework. What code do you have already? Post it here...?

  • I don't know if I really need a framework ^^ I don't even know what it could bring me. By now my game has a menu and we are making ennemies and then first level. (It's a Shoot'em up game)

    It may be a bit long to post it here.

  • What do you think about this already ? (I deleted music from data so the code won't start until musique isn't //

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