making and filling a bitmap file

edited May 2016 in Arduino

For a school project (CT scanner) we have an arduino which has an SD card. The SD card has a .txt file in where we put our sensor data

When the scanner is ready we can succesfully send all the data to the computer and with processing we can put all this data in an array, so far so easy.

The idea is that we transfrom this data in a sinogram and apply a radontransform. Unfortunately the leadprogrammer wants to use an alternative program, Image J for this.

Right now I just need to know how I can use processing to create a Bitmap file which I can fill with data of my array (or put the serial data directly in the BMP). Each sensor data consists out of two bytes as we use the 10 bit ADC of the arduino. We are **not **working with colours

When we have the BMP, we can do the rest in image J



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