p5js-> How to get save('img.jpg') working on IE? and how get image() working on opera?

Hello there,

This is my first post. Recently I learned a little bit of processing-coding and later, as the webpage needed a responsive solution, I tried p5js (both great fun, by the way).

So now to my 2 problems: 1) My sketch seems not working probably, when calling the save() or saveCanvas() on InternetExplorer. IE gives out the "you need a new app to open data., would you like to search in Windowsstore?" and clearly he can't find anything. Still it does when opening it in firefox or opera. (didn't tested yet crome or safari). Am I missing something to implent in the code for the browsers? or is there a way to overpass this issue?

2) When opening the Index.html in opera it does not display my images (still it does in firefox or IE). I really don't have any idea at the moment...?

Greetings T5



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