p5js web pages not working on epiphany browser (std raspberry pi browser)

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p5js web pages work on pc (chrome - firefox - ie11 - edge) and kweb browser on raspberry pi but not on epiphany browser - here is link to one of the pages that does not work on epiphany http://www.mahorney.gallery/fusion/index.html - all web pages on site not using p5js work on epiphany



  • It's not on the list of supported browsers...

  • thank you - since Processing is now available on Raspberry Pi it seems like p5js should also be available on epiphany (default Pi browser) - at least something as basic as HTML5 canvas should work - I think Processing on Pi is a really a big deal with the easy access to the Pi I/O - the success of Processing on Pi will be limited if "p5js on Pi" is not available

    are there any plans to add epiphany to the supported browsers list ?

    are there any plans to at least get HTML5 canvas on Pi ?

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    something as basic as HTML5 canvas


    There is nothing 'basic' about the HTML canvas element... Whatever; this is a user forum; if you want to see a change you can try logging an issue with the p5 developers.

  • thank you - I will take another path

  • @Mahorney - What are you hoping to get running in your RaspPi browser? If you're looking for other JS libraries there are plenty out there and these may well have better browser support. e.g. For 2d I currently favour pixijs; though I believe that's optimised for sprite based graphics.

  • I have Processing sketches that I converted for web use with p5js and they work on lots of browsers - but not on epiphany - I do digital art that is displayed on an e-canvas (HDTV with embedded Raspberry Pi) - I used to use chromium on a pi to do this but that doesn't work anymore - I am now using Processing on a pi to do this - I decided to try p5js for my web site and but it does not work in epiphany (pi default browser) - I can just have two programs for each artwork - one Processing and one JavaScript - but I thought that one of the reasons for p5js was for artists using Processing to be able to "easily get on the web" - it looks like Processing has made a real commitment to be part of the pi world - I just think it would be in the best interest of p5js to join in - here are a couple of links to more info about what I am doing


    https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/26/ ( page 8)

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    @Mahorney, b/c p5.js is a modern Processing spin-off, it was decided that only the most recent versions from biggest browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE/Edge would be supported.

    According to Epiphany's Wikipedia, it's based on WebKitGTK+ engine:

    Which is the same as Safari. BtW, both Chrome & Opera uses a fork of it called Blink:

    Given that Epiphany uses more or less the same engine as Safari, theoretically it shoulda worked:

    Unless the version used is much older than Safari's. Then you should ask its devs to upgrade it:

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    As alternative, you should try out Pjs, which is a more conservative Processing spin-off: *-:)

    It should work on very old browsers aFaIK... >-)

    Although its focus is for converting sketches in Java Mode syntax to JS for web deployment.
    However, it can alternatively be used as a regular JS library up till version 1.4.8. :-bd

  • thank you for the info

    1 GoToLoop - I also thought it shoulda worked

    2 I have raised the issue with the pi folks

    3 Since Processing has joined the pi world and p5js is part of Processing (it is a tab in the PDE) you have another "biggest browsers" to deal with - epiphany is the big in the world of pi - I just don't see how Processing on pi can be successful unless p5js works on the pi default browser

    4 again - thank you for

  • @GoToLoop: underlying use of Webkit doesn't guarantee compatibility. The current Opera release uses Webkit; but supported browsers says:

    We are not currently supporting Opera.

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    The current Opera release uses Webkit;

    @blindfish, I believe you've skipped what I said about Opera browser:

    "BtW, both Chrome & Opera use a fork of it called Blink:" https://en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/WebKit#Forking_by_Google

    Underlying use of WebKit doesn't guarantee compatibility.

    I've also touched the subject in my previous response too, when I said:
    "Unless the version used is much older than Safari's."

    The same way that using an old p5.js version offers less features than a newer 1, a browser can use an engine which is still too old related to its current version. :-\"

    That's why I'm suspicious that the Epiphany version bundled in Pi maybe it's using some too old WebKit.

    Is Pi's Epiphany the latest version or even its latest version is too far behind related to JS API features? :-?

  • I have Processing sketches that I converted for web use with p5js...

    @Mahorney, have you taken a look on Pjs already as I had tipped you about?

    Given the fact you have many sketches in Java Mode, some or all of them can be automatically converted to Pjs w/o any modifications.

    And for those which fail, you may try to use Pjs v1.4.8 directly as a JS library, just like you use p5.js. :)>-

  • again I thank you for your time and effort

    1 I am not looking for a "work around" to make my Processing sketches work on the web - I know how to do that - my web site used to be just HTML5+js - until I switched over to Processing + p5js after Processing joined pi

    2 I just think that a pi user of Processing would expect that if they clicked on the p5js tab and followed the directions - that their converted sketch would run on the pi they were using - that is not an unreasonable expectation

    3 If you can't or are not willing to support the default pi browser at this time - maybe you should remove the p5js tab until p5js works on pi - or at least warn the pi user not to waste time with p5js - poor first impressions of Processing on pi could do a lot of harm that would be hard to overcome

    4 I am really happy to see Processing on pi - I really want it to be a success - I am working with the pi folks to make Processing a success on pi - I will do everything I can to get the pi people to make epiphany work with p5js

  • I wonder if you had already reported this issue to p5.js' devs? :-/

    Perhaps it's just some API used somewhere in p5.js which Epiphany can't deal with.
    Which can be polyfilled in order to make a browser lacking it to be able to use it as well.

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