Sending Pictures from multiple phones to tablet.

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Hello, My name is Mathijs van Nieuwenhuijsen and I'm studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Me, and 2 other squad-members, are working on a social photo frame that will reconnect neglected elderly with their family. I really don't want to ask you guys to do all the work, but sure I could use some help with the technological part.

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Here are the 3 steps I need to achieve in my process. Step 1 is my priority at the moment. This because it is the most complex part of coding (I guess). Step 2 is my least important priority. Mostly because I have the feeling I can figure this out myself. Step 3 is somewhere in the middle. It is really important and I could really use some help, but it seems like to much work to ask.

Details: - Both Tablet and Phone are in the same room. - LED strips are connected to arduino in the device. - It doesn't need to be perfect. Just as it works in a short presentation. (Things like photo storage and removing photos after a while to keep the device storage from getting full isn't an issue.)

Deadline is in 4 weeks (beginning june). I'm really looking forward to your reactions/feedback.

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