Why can't I SPAN 12 monitors?

Assuming I can get a PC operating a 12 monitor setup, is there any reason I could not fullScreen(SPAN) all 12? Most of these displays would be less than 1080p so maybe a total sketch size of 17,280x900. Content would be fairly simple mostly in 2D with text, png images, short jpgs. I also need to squeeze a minimum of 30fps out of it.


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    I just made a sketch with that size in the setup and didn't get any errors. It seems to cut off at the width of my 3 displays though. So maybe it would work if you have a working 12 monitor setup? You might have to increase the amount of memory processing can use in your preferences.

    Suppose you can't get 12mon to run on one pc, you'll need multiple pcs. So what you do is go back to Processing 2 and use Shiffman's 'Most Pixels Ever' library. Fairly easy to use and works well.

    If you really wanna run it off one pc though, perhaps you could just make multiple windows from the same sketch and spread these across the displays. I put some code here: https://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/15875/error-on-cp5-since-update-to-processing3

    Use the arguments thing that GoToLoop provides for configuring those extra windows. You can read about that in the source code: https://github.com/processing/processing/blob/master/core/src/processing/core/PApplet.java#L9936

  • It seems to cut off at the width of my 3 displays though.

    processing3 seems to do this. i often get the message about it resizing my sketch to match my monitor, which is almost always NOT what i want it to do

    but, yes, Most Pixels Ever was written for this.

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