ProGuard on Windows vs. Linux

I can use ProGuard to shrink and obfuscate my exported P2.1 application in Windows 8. It does a good job with excellent results (except ControlP5 controls don't function in obfuscated version - getting close) . On a Linux system (Lubuntu 13.2) when I export my application to a Linux application and do the exact same process with ProGuard the resulting shrunken and obfuscated .JAR does not work, and my application crashes without rendering the screen. ProGuard reports a successful run on it's end, so I don't have an error report to track down.

I expected the same results/outcome on either platform. The Linux application has more library .JAR's to reference, but otherwise shouldn't they be the same?

Anyone know what would cause this Windows vs. Linux difference? In there a workaround of special parameters for Linux I need to address?

Thanks in advance.

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