Strange Linux behavior with P2.1 in Presentation mode

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I've not found any forum references to this, but it must be prevalent. I have tried three Linux boxes so far and on all can reproduce this issue. This does not occur in Windows.

When running any sketch in Presentation mode using P3D or OpenGL the first time the sketch is centered in the screen. The second time, and any time thereafter until Processing IDE is shutdown and restarted, it places the top left corner of the sketch in the center of the screen, resulting in the sketch being offset down and to the right. I can reproduce this easily. I can even take any sketch, such as the example clock (under Basics examples), add P3D (or OPENGL) to the size parameters and it starts behaving this way. Prior to making it a 3D sketch it can be restarted all day long and run multiple times without issue.

The real problem is with an exported application as it cannot stop and restart the Processing IDE and therefore requires a system reboot to restore the placement of the sketch window in the center of the screen.

Here's the PeasyCam demo run in presentation mode first time: normal first run behavior

And here's the screen on subsequent runs of the exact same sketch in presentation mode: image alt text

What the heck is going on? I have an application that needs to run in Ubuntu in presentation mode and can't have the user rebooting everytime they run my application. Does anyone have a solution or work-around for this? Any help is very much appreciated.


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    That example is working alright under Processing 2.0.2 w/ OpenJDK 7 (64bit) + GeForce 9800GT in my Lubuntu 13.04!
    Both for normal & presentation modes!

    If your program doesn't use any exclusive Processing 2.1's feature, you can export it using older Processing versions! %%-
    Even the good old Processing 1.5.1 if you got the right 3rd-party library version! :-\"

  • Well, this is strange. That was a great suggestion and I was hopeful. I downloaded Processing 2.0.3, but I get the same behavior. This system uses OpenJDK 7 on Lubuntu 13.2, using the motherboard's onboard video.

    This is weird. I'd suspect the graphics drivers but I get the same on other systems.

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