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After many days, I have just finished the app I've been working on. It is based on the drawing animation tool included in Deluxe Paint software for Amiga computers, and inspired by hamoid's tutorial about it. However, I had to reimplement the whole idea in order to optimize it. Instead of using PGraphics for every frame, every stroke (time while the screen is pressed) is an instance of a class that saves pressed positions in the actual frame out of the number of frames set, and then it's added to an ArrayList of strokes, so that you can undo the last one. Thanks to everyone here in the forum that helped me indirectly, I hope it can also help somebody else. 8-X

https://play.google.com/store/search?q=paintloop&c=apps image alt text



  • This is pretty cool. I could see the animated GIF export being a practical tool, although I couldn't get it to work (maybe I just wasn't patient enough...). Some more advanced tools could potentially make this an animated GIF-builder, although that's probably not the direction that you intend to go with the app.

    The menu interface was fairly intuitive and worked as expected. I see that in the color version, the tab that contains both color and size is labelled as "color"... this may lead to confusion. I only understood that the slider at the top corresponded to size because I had looked at the normal version first... but it probably wouldn't take too long to figure out. Also, I was surprised that the "undo" button was labelled as "ctrl+z". On a mobile device whose interface seems determined to kill the keyboard, it is surprising to see a reference to a keyboard shortcut. It may be perfectly understandable to us developer folk, but may not be understood by the average Android user. It's certainly a little thing, but worth mentioning, nevertheless.

    Perhaps you could make the project open-source so that other aspiring app-developers can see how you have achieved what you did. Of course, it would help to comment the code first. But this is far from necessary, especially if you plan on making money off of it (as you are doing with the color version). There is nothing wrong with leaving it closed-source (as I have done).

    All in all, this is a nice and simple app.

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    The gif export function should work... It isn't as fast as I wanted, but it runs on a separate thread, and after finishes it automatically would open a share intent. In which device did you play it?

    I should change the "color" label maybe. I've tried to find words that might be understood without relying on language. "control+z" is more or less popular making allusion to an "undo" option, but it may lead to confusion in other people.

    I can share my code to anyone that is interesed in. In spite of it is a bit messy and in spanish , it is somewhat modularized.

  • now free.

  • I'd love to check out your code as I've been working with animated gifs myself. I'd be up to show you what I've been working on as well.

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