Considering creating a library, advice and guidance sought

Greetings! Since Ableton has finally published documentation for the lovely Push 2 controller, I have created a Java library that makes it really easy to draw on its color graphical display. I thought that the Processing community might find that useful, so people who are already writing sketches that interact with Push 2 via MIDI can also draw interface elements graphically on the display.

Does anyone think that would be worthwhile?

If so, I have a question about how I can have my Processing library rely on other libraries, and access them, without re-exporting them all into the environment. I have tried to figure that out by reading the documentation, but am a bit confused still.

The library I am considering making available is Wayang, if anyone wants to see the pure Java version.

If I do invest in learning how to build libraries for the Processing environment, I might also make one that would allow people to control Afterglow, my live-coding environment for creating light shows (and the reason I wrote Wayang). I have already created a Max/MSP package for it, so there is precedent.

Anyway, thoughts and encouragement (and even better, offers of assistance) would be most welcome! But for now I am going to get back to working on the Push 2 user interface for Afterglow.


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