Setting Maximum Row Count when Loading a Large Table

Hey everyone! I just started using Processing 3 this week, and so far it's going great. Just had one simple question I wasn't able to answer by searching the forums: I am trying to load a pretty large table (maybe 1.5 million rows or so), and I keep getting these notifications like "Note: setting maximum row count to 1,310,720 (resize took 1,654 ms)".

I tried adding a line to my setup method before loading the table to set the max row count to a large number like 2 million, but it doesn't seem to work... Could someone point me in the right direction? Here is my setup code (with table.setRowCount() commented out). Thanks for the help!

void setup() { size(800, 450); background(0);

frameRate(10); //Set playback speed f = createFont("Arial",16,true);

table = new Table(); //table.setRowCount(2000000); //Set max row count of table to 2.0 million table = loadTable("query_result.csv","header,csv");

}//end setup


  • edited March 2016
    • loadTable() instantiates a brand new Table container.
    • Therefore your previous new Table(); got nothing to do w/ the 1 created via loadTable().
    • Moreover I don't think setRowCount() method can raise whatever limit Table got.
    • Sorry I dunno how to raise Table's number of rows either.
    • As a last recourse, you may try out loadStrings() instead? :|
  • Ok, thanks for the suggestions. Seems like there should be a way to set up a table with a specified number of rows, similar to an array...

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