Grafica/contribution manager >> can't import this library in processing 3.0.2


just found a very usefull and powerfull library ( Grafica ) but there is a little problem when trying to import this library from the "contribution manager" inside processing.

this is the panel :

Grafica is gray with no install option, just a wrong tip : 1.3.0 not compatible.
i have done the installation manualy and try all the examples + play with some options and all work fine !



  • Library contributors must build their libraries in a specific manner for them to be accepted by the Contribution Manager. Being rejected by the CM doesn't mean that the library won't work.

    It is u pto the library author to sort the problem out. I have had to do this in the past with some of my libraries.

  • Now you can! :)

    Sorry for taking so long...

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