is p5.js accessible to students with disabilities?

edited March 2016 in p5.js

I have a blind student trying to use p5.js for Mac OS X. He uses VoiceOver and reports his keys aren't echoed (i.e. p5.js doesn't work with a screenreader and therefore isn't accessible).

I will test this with JAWS (another screen reader) today.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this matter of accessibility? Are there support materials available which address accessibility?



  • When you say the student is trying to 'use p5js' I'm assuming you must mean the p5js editor. No idea whether it's properly accessible, but you can report issues to the developers via github.

  • Even though I love JS, debugging anything in it is harder. Thus for accessibility, I'd stick w/ Processing.
    There's also Khan Academy, which is based on pJS. But has a firm grip on syntax, worth a try:

  • At the moment, the Processing and p5j IDEs are not accessible. We are researching ways to make it so. If anyone wants to join the conversation, please email me... abilitylab (at)

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