serial input slow


I haven't posted before, but I have been lurking for a while. I am a micro-controller based hobbyist... no formal engineering education.

First, I would like to thank the wonderful people at for this wonderful platform. Truly wonderful. I am using Processing 3 on a Win 10 Kangaroo ($100), but I have a real Win 8 computer and it shows the same thing:)

I am using Processing (Daniel Shiffman's libraries) to take data from a KinectV2 into the Kangaroo and pass it along to Parallax's FPGA Propeller 2 test platform (P123 Cyclone V A9). I am getting 3MBaud going out to the microcontroller, but I have to put wait states in the TX code of the Propeller.... same bit rate, but waiting between bytes. The wait is so extreme that I am effectively getting around 64Kbaud coming back into the computer. As long as I do this, everything is dandy, but if I try to limit the wait between bytes, bytes get missed. I can handshake around this, so if that is what it is, I am fine with it.

I had some logic in the serial event routine, but I moved it out and the result was nearly the same... but in the process I created other issues... so I put it back. I am confident that this isn't my overhead in the serial event routine, but I am wondering if the size and complexity of the rest of my program could possibly cause problems in the event handler?

My gut feeling is that there should be no relationship... but on technical issues, my gut isn't as good as it used to be:)




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