Cant running any sketch

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I write a simple code , and started processing.What's the problem?


def setup(): size(600,300)


java.lang.NullPointerException at jycessing.Runner.runSketchBlocking( at$ at Source)


  • Do the examples run?

  • you should reinstall the java libraries on your computer.

  • It doesn t help :(

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    Is the pre-set language of your PC not in English (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, ...)? And does your "My Document" folder path contains illegal characters such as Chinese characters? Make sure that your "My Document" folder contains only English characters like "C:\Users\\Documents". You can also go to File>Preference, and change your "Sketchbook location". Make sure the new directory only has English Characters.

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    good catch - user is using a Ukrainian ip so possibly has Cyrillic characters in his path.

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