Efficiently store data for later use in Python

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Hi everyone!

I'm developing a Wireless Sensor Network composed of 3 sensor nodes, each having the sensor itself, an Arduino and a ZigBee module. The sensor nodes are continuously and simultaneously acquiring data and sending it to a computer via the ZigBee modules.

To handle data on the computer side I was thinking of using Processing. My dilemma regards the best way to store data from the 3 sensors - I've thought of creating a .txt or .csv file cointaining the ID of the sensor, a time stamp and the read value. I've also thought of creating a simple local database but, to me, this is just another form of a text file.

With the retrieved data I intend to do some statistical analysis, probably in Python with the end goal of creating a web application. As such, the Python script would handle the file provided by Processing.

However, I don't know if there are any other options in Processing, that provide more efficiency regarding the best way to store data, collected by the sensors, that would later be handled by Python.

Thanks in advance, Margarida


  • In my opinion, "efficiency" is the wrong value to be applying to our work. Just do whatever is easiest to write code for. If some part of your program is too slow, once it's working properly, you can always look for faster ways to do it.

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