How to get receiving an RTSP stream to work

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after several days of trial&error and googling, I still can't figure out how to get RTSP streaming to work in Processing3. I found several ways that seem possible, but I didn't find enough detail on each so that I could get it to work.

1) I found this post [1] that uses GSPipeline, however I don't know what to import as the GSPipeline object can't be found (I am using Processing 3 which seems to be based upon GSVideo)

2) Use VLCs ability to open the stream and then recode it to another format, but I couldn't find out what which format could be then opened by Processing.

3) Using Syphon, however there doesn't seem to be a VLC plugin, so another way to capture the stream would be necessary.

4) Java Clients, I am sure that there are Java libraries handling the RTSP stream, can such be used?

As there are multiple ways, I am confused at the moment and would kindly ask anyone who already has a working example of displaying a RTSP stream in Processing for sharing their experiences on the topic.




  • Did you find the solutions? I'm also working on rtsp streaming project. Confused? :(

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