Anyone have any success using P5.js libraries and intellisense in Visual Studio 2015?

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I've got cordova, node, tsd all working well with Visual Studio. I have even loaded P5 through node and copied the p5.js lib into my www scripts folder and still nothing. I get an error that there is no tsd. Is there a work around? Anyone know a way to request a tsd? or even write one?


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    Perhaps you've meant a ".d.ts" file? Unfortunately p5.js library doesn't have a corresponding TypeScript ".d.ts" file. Most we can do for now is: :(|)

    declare class p5 {
      constructor (sketch: (p: p5) => void, node?: string | Node, sync?: boolean)
      constructor (sketch: (p: p5) => void, sync?: boolean)
  • No thanks, I definitely need a tsd. It's loaded into the project file from the cmd line.

  • Just found out. tsd is a NodeJS npm library. It is used to grab ".d.ts" files from DefinitelyTyped repo:

    We can install it w/: npm i tsd -g -d
    However, seems like tsd was deprecated in favor for typings: npm i typings -g -d:

    But I doubt you're gonna find any p5.js' ".d.ts" definitions anywhere! :(

  • Yup, there isn't one. Does anyone know how to request one or even create one?

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