Saving Display Window Content on an Android Device that Shows an Image with a Line Drawing

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Context of problem I want to solve:

I have coded a processing sketch and deployed it to an Android tablet, with Android version 4.0.3, that: (a). Will capture and display an image using the camera of a Android device. I used the Katei library and the KetaiCamera class for this. (b). The sketch then creates a line drawing that displays over the camera image captured so that I can now see the image I captured and the line drawing overlaid in the Andriod device display window.

What I want to do next is save what is displayed in the Android device window as a jpeg file to the SD card or local Android device storage.

I have tried save(), saveframe(), and a few other approaches but nothing has worked so far. Do I need to add some native Java code for the Android device to do a screen capture of the display window? If yes, can anyone direct me to some code and tell me how to add Java code to my processing sketch?

I hope this is a simple problem to solve.

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