Simplest Play soundFiles in android with processing 3.0.1


- load sound files from data folder.
- load Sync() or Async() modes, for small SFX files or large Music files.
- play files as than simple as: soundPlay( mySound );
- play files from specific position: soundPlay( mySound, position ); position in milliseconds.
- stop sound file.
- check if is playing sound with: soundIsPlaying( mySound );
- soundGetPosition( mySound );
- soundPause( mySound, true/false );
- soundSetLoop( mySound, true/false );
etc etc etc..

The zip includes 3 examples of use with different features. Enjoy ;)


With the intention of unifying the desktop API version it is under development by minim with the exact same API to avoid amending absolutely no application to export to android / desktop.


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  • Updated! 3 examples for download on init post. desktop version incomming for unify API..

  • Cool beans! So, you're also saying this this will become part of minim at some point as well?

  • Hello Sirius, I mean I'm working on this API to use in desktop using 'minim' or Android using MediaPlayer, so the programer just add the "mod_sound_Android.pde" file to compile for android, or file "mod_sound_Desktop.pde" to compile for Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Thus the application code remains the same ;)

  • Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. I'm just getting back to Processing and the improved Android support is not familiar yet. :)

  • UPDATED! Now available with identical API for Windows/linux/MacOSX/Android ;) Download on init thread. Enjoy.

    Only you decide to use android file or Desktop file included on this .ZIP.

  • Hello, Thanks for this nice AndroidSoundLibrary Is it possible to play and stop several sound threw it ? I'm able to play several files (Track0, Track1, ....) but when I add a soundStop(Track0) for example, I don't hear anymore sound at all I'd like to play one sound per "screen", I have 11 "screens" each define in a switch case 0: drawScreen0(); break; so Id'like to stop the sound Track0 once on the screen 1 ... is it possible ? Did I missed something ?

    thanks Benjamin

  • b01b01
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    It works ! see other thread above

  • @erkosone Hi! I have tried install the library in processing 3, inside libraries folder, but when I try run the examples on my android device (samsung) I can not to hear the sound, in each example for android exist a "mod_sound_android" what is the steps for run your examples on android device? firt "mod_sound_android" ? thanks

  • @erkosone there is a way to play two or more .mp3 files depending each event using your library? Thanks.

  • Hello... Maybe you know if this lib can help to reproduce one file and then another file? I mean... For example if a varible a is 0 then play x.mp3 but if a = 1 then play y.mp3.... Is it possible?

  • @eliazherrera: yes it´s posible. @juecastroco: yes. it´s posible.

  • Link broken !!!!

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