AndroidCapture for Processing

Hi, I'm Jianbin Qi. I'm a android developer and creative programmer.

I create this library to try to transfer data between Processing and Android. I make a android app to capture the real-time video from Android Camera and the real-time data from Android Sensor through the socket to the server (processing server) with WiFi. The users use this lib to get phone camera frame and sensors data in processing, then can do some interesting things, such as image processing, music visual and so on.

The current version is 2.0. Welcome to try it.

AndroidCapture for Processing Lib :
The latest release 2.0 :


  • Hi, Great work! I will definitely look into it. Under which license did you publish our project? I couldn't find any on Github.

  • Thank you, Jianbin Qi. As a videomaker your library helps a lot in creating new possibilities for storytelling.

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