Processing 3: Disable (or Remove) Window Close Button

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Apologies if I've missed the answer to this one, but I have spent a long time looking.

I'm using Processing3 to display a game for use by school children in a Visitor's Centre. The game is mouse-driven but I can't risk displaying a close button on the frame as someone will use it... Is there any way of producing an undecorated frame in processing 3. The only suggestions I've seen involve the 'frame.' commands which don't appear to work in P3?

Leaving the sketch using the escape key is OK as the keyboard will be locked-away.

If it can be avoided, I'd rather not have this window full-screen, though that is still an outside option.




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    So you don't want it like sketch - > present? Cause if you can't close the window, why need window at all?

    Usually you can do setDefaultCloseOperation(WindowConstants.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE); on frame, but I don't know what is frame in P3 and how it can be accessed. If somebody knows, please advise.

  • Thanks. I've had a go at specifying fullScreen() within setup rather than exporting the sketch as a full screen app. This is pretty much what I wanted so cheers.

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