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Hello! I did for the school a project in processing so that I can view the 3D different figures.I used the keyboard for scaling (zoom in/zoom out) and the mouse to rotate and translate. I succeeded to make all of things,but after I gave a zoom in or zoom out to figure,I can not to translate or rotate this figure until I refresh it. I have an impression that the process of scale is in a contradiction with the process of translate and rotate. Why? How can I make these processes immediately,without refresh?!



  • Could you rephrase the question? Its a little confusing what you are asking. From what it sounds like, you want to move around and zoom in/put of a 3D object. Let us know if this is the case.

  • Translate, rotate, scale ia cummulative so you need to isolate individual TRS-draw-object occurrences with pushMatrix/popMatrix statements like this

  • Yay! A month-old topic! 8-|

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